What I do

It's important to make sure that I'm the right fit for your event. I specialize in professional Karaoke services for adults as this is my main function. I also take on DJ events that require great equipment and lights. While I can download requests on demand, I mostly play top 40. This is the type of music that I am familiar with so I may not be a great fit for your event it you require types of music outside of that.

Danny Price

Sound quality

This is first and foremost for me. Great sound does NOT mean it has to be loud. Part of the reason I decided to get into this business was seeing DJs set up a couple speakers and crank them way past their intended range. As a result the sound is poor and anyone near these speakers will have their ears ringing for days. I run my equipment properly and with respect to all guests in the room.

Professional Audio Experience

The core of my audio knowledge comes from years of working as a sound engineer in various capacities. My first career out of college involved running audio for live webcasts including live music.

Exceptional Audio Equipment

FistBump Karaoke has top quality gear that can handle nearly all sized crowds. Using quality name brands, you can bet there will be more than enough firepower to drive your event to success.

FistBump Karaoke

Extras that are Above and Beyond

I specialize in Karaoke Events and have a passion to deliver an awesome production. My typical setup includes wireless tablets connected to the DJ station so your guests can privately search and request songs. Forget writing your requests on paper and hoping the DJ can read your handwriting.

I also operate a modest display of lights to complete the concert feel for your guests that better enhances the experience.